Community Service

Los Alamitos Aquatic Foundation
The Los Alamitos Aquatic Foundation (LAAF) serves as the fundraising arm for the U.S. Olympic water facility located at the Joint Forces Training Base in Los Alamitos, CA. This organization was founded in 1998 by Mr. Briggeman Jr. after he put in the initial contribution of $150,000. This contribution kicked off the construction of the U.S. Olympic water facility and paved the opportunity for the public to enjoy this aquatics center. Though he contributed this seed capital, he did not stop there. He began “watering and tending” to this organization by trailblazing new fundraising styles to raise capital quickly. He and his distinguished board members led numerous fundraising campaigns that would raise an excess of $500,000 in funds. Due to these campaigns, the U.S. Olympic water facility has enjoyed robust financials so that it could continue providing for the community into the distant future. To secure support, Mr. Briggeman, Jr. and his colleagues have worked in tandem with the City of Los Alamitos and established a long term relationship with the city. An arrangement was made so that the LAAF would provide the financial support while the City of Los Alamitos would ensure oversight of the facilities’ day-to-day operations.

Today, the U.S. Olympic water facility continues to functions as the public swim and recreation area for the entire West Orange County region. Over 30 thousand children and counting have learned to swim in this pool. In an interview, Mr. Briggeman Jr. stated that this fact alone may be the most significant and heralded achievement for the aquatic facility and its affiliates. However, the achievements did not end there. The facility not only taught children how to swim, but also served as the training pool for the U.S. Women’s Water Polo Team. Their training at the facility paid off when the team won the gold medal in the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

The facility and its staff are also proud to offer handicap accessible equipment to disabled individuals so they may participate at the facility. This equipment, along with the facility’s convenient location inside the base, has been extremely beneficial to the wounded veterans returning from their tours of military duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. The facility provides a warm inviting environment to those injured heroes so they may rehabilitate and receive aquatic therapy. This is another milestone for the aquatic center as it indicates that it continues to evolve in the way it serves the community.

The future will remain bright for the aquatics facility. In 2013, the Los Alamitos Aquatic Foundation pledged $43,000 in matching funds through its working partnership with the City of Los Alamitos. This pledge will allow the facility to pay for facility enhancement and services such as life guards, swim instructors, new lighting, heaters, and other essential equipment. Subsequently, the LAAF was able to secure major sponsorships from the State of California and County of Orange. Mr. Briggeman Jr. proudly serves as sitting chairman and founding benefactor of this fundraising organization.

The Boys and Girls Club of Cypress
The Briggeman family of companies is a proud supporter and corporate partner to the Boys and Girls Club of Cypress for over 30 years. They have been consistent providers of monetary contributions. Recently, Mr. Briggeman and the Briggeman Companies contributed several thousand dollars to the Club to assist in providing supervised, after school education programs and physical education programs to local youth. The Cypress Boys and Girls Club provides after-school activities and summer programs to kids to help them reach their full potential as productive, caring, and responsible citizens. The Club’s after-school programs are especially important as it provides a positive environment for kids during the after-school hours. The after-school hours tend to be filled with many negative distractions and voids. The Boys and Girl Club of Cypress counters this by providing a nurturing setting for kids to grow in. It is able to offer these benefits due to the generous support of its volunteers, staff, and corporate sponsors like the Briggeman family of companies.

“Drugs Are Garbage” Campaign
Organized in the early 1990s, the “Drugs Are Garbage” campaign served to teach young students about the dangers of substance abuse. This campaign was implemented throughout the elementary and middle schools in the Los Alamitos Unified and Cypress School Districts. The goal of the campaign was to teach kids about how substance abuse could prevent them from realizing their future dreams and aspirations. The program outlines that drugs can trash a student’s dreams and that the student has the power to say “no” and trash the idea of possessing or using drugs. The motto was that anything that can strip away your dreams belongs in the trash. This public service campaign was spearheaded by Mr. Briggeman Junior through his company, Briggeman Disposal Services, Inc. Even today, Mr. Briggeman Jr. remains a strong proponent of having young students stay on track in school. He understands that substance abuse not only damages families and the student’s success, but also can hurt the local community over time.

Los Alamitos Marathon
Mr. George Briggeman Jr., through his waste hauling company, Briggeman Disposal Services, Inc., is a founding co-sponsor of the Los Alamitos “Race on the Base” event. The Los Alamitos race continues to draw tens of thousands of participants to its 1K, 5K, 10K, and triathlon events each year. The “Race on the Base” promotes community involvement, health, and awareness of the joint forces training base.