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Scholarships for Outstanding Students
Each Year, the Briggeman family of companies’ awards scholarships to one outstanding male student and female student. The scholarships are awarded based on academics, athletics, and community service. These three traits abide by the Briggeman family’s belief that becoming well-rounded citizen benefits the local community around that person.


Casa Youth Shelter
The Briggeman family of companies has provided commercial trash and recycling services, as an in-kind contribution, for over 30 years to Casa Youth Shelter. Since our founding in 1978, Casa Youth Shelter has maintained a singular focus on providing runaway, throwaway and abandoned youth in crisis with a safe place to call home, enabling them to come through the crisis with increased personal strength and a sense of renewal while in a supportive environment, with family reunification as a primary goal. During the past 35 years, we have provided shelter care to over 11,000 youth and impacted the lives of over 43,000 family members.

Short Bio – Mr. Briggeman Jr.

Short Bio – Mr. Briggeman Jr.
Mr. George Briggeman Jr. is a West Orange County businessman, local philanthropist, and community leader. Presently, he is the chairman and owner of the Briggeman family of companies such as Briggeman Disposal Services, Inc and Briggeman Land & Development Company. Over two generations Mr. Briggeman and his father, George Sr., built their small family waste hauling company, Briggeman Disposal Services into one of the top 100 largest independently owned municipal environmental management firms in the U.S. . In 1997, George Briggeman Jr. merged the family business with Fortune 500 Company, Republic Services. He served in the capacity of Vice President of Corporate Development at Republic for the Western Region U.S.A. From 1997 to 2010, During his tenure he is credited with facilitating the acquisition of dozens of family-owned waste hauling firms throughout the Western United States to achieve efficiency via economies of scale. Through his efforts, he was directly responsible for growing the company’s Western region to more than $400 million in annual sales.

He has also served on the Board of Directors of both the Los Alamitos and Cypress Chambers of Commerce. Specifically, Mr. Briggeman Jr .has served more than a decade on the Board of Directors of the Los Alamitos Chamber, including one term as Chairman and 6 years as Director of the Cypress Chamber of Commerce.
Mr. Briggeman is the Chairman of the Board for Los Alamitos Aquatic Foundation and frequently interacts with youth-related organizations such as the Casa Youth Shelter, the Boys and Girls Club of Cypress and the Cypress College Foundation.
Over time, he has expanded his philanthropic activities to include the entire West Orange County region. His most notable contributions have involved the development of a regional aquatic facility which serves as home to the U. S. Olympic Gold Medal Water Polo team as well and community aquatic facility where over 30,000 Orange County youth have learned to swim and develop water safety skills as well as serving as a rehabilitation facility for our wounded warriors.
Most of his philanthropy is centered on his local community because he believes in the importance of “fostering the community that provides for you.”

George Briggeman Family Supporting Cypress Boys and Girls Club for Over 30 Years!

One corporate partner and proud supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of Cypress is the Briggeman family which has supported these clubs for over 30 years with many contributions.

Mr. Briggeman and his companies recently gave several thousand dollars to this club so there could be physical education programs and school education programs provided to youth with supervision. Summer programs and after-school activities are provided by the Cypress Boys and Girls Club, so children can become responsible citizens that are caring and productive. The after-school programs provided by this club help foster a positive environment for children.

During after-school hours there can be a lot of negative influences brought on to children but the club provides a very positive environment for them. Volunteers that provide service as well as contributions such as the George Briggeman family of companies help to keep these clubs open for children for after-school activities.

George Briggeman Jr. Dives into Helping the Community in Los Alamitos

In 1993 Briggeman industries was named Los Alamitos business of the year.

In 1998 George Briggeman Junior founded the Los Alamitos aquatic foundation. This organization serves as the fund-raising arm for the US Olympic water facility located at the joint forces training base in Los Alamitos California.

Aquatic Center Pool Los Alamitos
It also serves as a community pool for the municipalities that comprise western Orange County. Mr. Briggeman is proud to serve as chairman of this great organization and to be part of the facility where over 30,000 children have learned to swim over the years.

In 1998 George Briggeman Jr. created the Los Alamitos aquatic foundation with his initial contribution of $150,000. He then went on to lead fundraising efforts that would eventually raise well over $500,000.

George Briggeman Jr. and his father have been very generous in their giving to community causes, from the Pool at the Base to veterans and school causes throughout our town.  I wish every business person in this town were half as generous as Mr. Briggeman.

George Briggeman Jr. and his father have done a lot of good here over the years and have been contributing their best to the community causes of Los Alamitos.