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Scholarships for Outstanding Students
Each Year, the Briggeman family of companies’ awards scholarships to one outstanding male student and female student. The scholarships are awarded based on academics, athletics, and community service. These three traits abide by the Briggeman family’s belief that becoming well-rounded citizen benefits the local community around that person.


Casa Youth Shelter
The Briggeman family of companies has provided commercial trash and recycling services, as an in-kind contribution, for over 30 years to Casa Youth Shelter. Since our founding in 1978, Casa Youth Shelter has maintained a singular focus on providing runaway, throwaway and abandoned youth in crisis with a safe place to call home, enabling them to come through the crisis with increased personal strength and a sense of renewal while in a supportive environment, with family reunification as a primary goal. During the past 35 years, we have provided shelter care to over 11,000 youth and impacted the lives of over 43,000 family members.

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  1. John J. says:

    Quite a few accomplishments, nice to see what kind of things go on behind the scenes, also nice to see someone giving back in more ways than one. I know they were behind the backpack giveaways for the kid’s on the base.

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