George Briggeman Family Supporting Cypress Boys and Girls Club for Over 30 Years!

One corporate partner and proud supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of Cypress is the Briggeman family which has supported these clubs for over 30 years with many contributions.

Mr. Briggeman and his companies recently gave several thousand dollars to this club so there could be physical education programs and school education programs provided to youth with supervision. Summer programs and after-school activities are provided by the Cypress Boys and Girls Club, so children can become responsible citizens that are caring and productive. The after-school programs provided by this club help foster a positive environment for children.

During after-school hours there can be a lot of negative influences brought on to children but the club provides a very positive environment for them. Volunteers that provide service as well as contributions such as the George Briggeman family of companies help to keep these clubs open for children for after-school activities.