George Briggeman Jr. Dives into Helping the Community in Los Alamitos

In 1993 Briggeman industries was named Los Alamitos business of the year.

In 1998 George Briggeman Junior founded the Los Alamitos aquatic foundation. This organization serves as the fund-raising arm for the US Olympic water facility located at the joint forces training base in Los Alamitos California.

Aquatic Center Pool Los Alamitos
It also serves as a community pool for the municipalities that comprise western Orange County. Mr. Briggeman is proud to serve as chairman of this great organization and to be part of the facility where over 30,000 children have learned to swim over the years.

In 1998 George Briggeman Jr. created the Los Alamitos aquatic foundation with his initial contribution of $150,000. He then went on to lead fundraising efforts that would eventually raise well over $500,000.

George Briggeman Jr. and his father have been very generous in their giving to community causes, from the Pool at the Base to veterans and school causes throughout our town.  I wish every business person in this town were half as generous as Mr. Briggeman.

George Briggeman Jr. and his father have done a lot of good here over the years and have been contributing their best to the community causes of Los Alamitos.